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Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations

IDIC: More than just a pin on a shirt

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Note: The community's guidelines are still under construction at this time, and may change as starbase_idic evolves.

This community is for discussing the concept of IDIC -- Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations, introduced in Star Trek as a Vulcan ideal -- and how that concept has been applied in Trek itself as well as society in general.


Our primary focus is on Star Trek diversity and representation, but the application of IDIC principles goes beyond just a single franchise of shows. If you want to talk about other science fiction topics, television shows, media fandom, or society in general, you can; however, discussions that drift too far afield may be politely nudged back toward the community focus if necessary.

Safe Space and Privilege

Our goal is to make this a safe place for participation by everyone, especially for various Trek fans who might not feel welcome in other fannish groups. This list includes female fans, fans of color, fans with disabilities, queer/LGB fans, transgender and genderqueer fans, and others.

We are inclusive, not exclusive; there is no sign reading "straight white men keep out" on the door to Starbase_IDIC. All we ask is that everyone follow the same guidelines for behavior outlined on this community profile.

Various displays of privilege and bigotry are not welcomed here, but we do understand that they may happen. Privilege checks are encouraged as they provide opportunities for education, and community members who receive them are expected to take them gracefully and reconsider.

Institutional isms -- such as racism -- consist not only of prejudice/bigotry but of power/privilege. Please understand this and don't start semantic arguments to define various isms; for example, racism in this community is defined as "prejudice + power." If you don't understand this definition, you may want to do some reading at other web sites or communities, such as racism_101.

Language that is emotional, angry, or profane is allowed; language that is abusive, privileged, or oppressive is not. Please avoid loaded words such as "lynching," "lame," "bitch," and so on, as they're likely to earn you a privilege check (or mod action).

Don't try to compare an oppression you feel to that endured by someone else; don't speak for other peoples' experiences. Do feel free to speak out against privilege that works against you, and if someone is talking about your privilege, don't get defensive. "Shut up and listen" works well for education.

If you are part of a privileged group -- and nearly all of us are -- you are welcome to participate here, but please don't deny you have privileges, please don't explain that being oppressed one way (such as your sexuality) erases your other privileges (such as white privilege), and please be aware that nobody is here to give you a cookie.

Other Community Guidelines

Use LJ-cuts when appropriate; appropriate reasons for doing so include spoiler warnings, large pictures, and potentially triggering material.

You can friendslock your posts here, which means only community members will read them. Please don't disable comments, delete/edit comments (including your own, except for making minor corrections), delete posts, or screen posts; leave those tasks for the mods, if necessary.

Nobody is here just to teach you out of your privilege; we're here to be fellow fans and enjoy ourselves. Take the time to educate yourself so that you're not just a free space on a bingo card.

You can post links here; just don't linkspam, advertise, or try to get us to gang up on someone else you don't like.

Please don't come here just to start arguments or question the existence of the community; that's a great way to find yourself banned.


Your moderators are kynn, violachic, and witchsistah. To contact the mods, you can leave a reply to this post.

We are currently seeking additional moderators, especially those with experience working against different types of oppression. Our diversity should be reflected in our community admins, not just our membership and community focus.

If a moderator asks you to stop doing something in this community, please stop doing it. Official moderator actions, when necessary, will be marked with "MOD NOTE" in the subject, and subthreads may be frozen. The moderators reserve the right to remove anyone from the community who shows a propensity toward trolling or ignoring the rules and intent of the community.

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